Careful what you wish for

Be Careful what you ask for 1

Ashley, Sara, Julie & Darren

Radio Plays @ Phillip Island Golf Club

The 2014 season commenced with a series of short radio plays at The Phillip Island Golf Club in April 2014.  two sell out nights ensured a great start to the season.
“Careful what you wish for”
A series of pieces commenting on some of the unexpected aspects of entering into a relationship.
The evening  commenced  with a short piece titled ‘The one night stand’ featuring Julie Thomas and Darren George.

After a short break for dessert, 4 monologues titled “The Helping Profession” were presented by Julie Thomas, Darren George, Sara  Fleisner and Ashley Reed.

After another short break to replenish refreshments a short piece titled “The Affair” was presented by Sara Fleisner and Ash Reed.