The Ladybirds

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Cast of Ladybirds

Ladybirds – Directed by Sara Fleisner

A 40 minute play with an all-female cast presented in May 2014.

The village drama group has lost all their men. The future looks bleak until a bright, young director, Francesca Delmarco, agrees to help them out. She is professionally trained and she has a plan which will give the group a new lease of life. She persuades them to enter the ‘Dame Agnes Wragg Festival of One Act Plays for an all-female Cast’ with a play she has written herself.

Francesca’s play is controversial; it concerns a same sex couple who want to have a baby. When the word gets out, the vicar’s wife, Agatha Frost, attempts to ban the production. However, The Players have their own way of dealing with misguided authority.